The following will illustrate the 2 methods on how you may remove the invalid emails from your lists using MailerLite integration:

Note to first time users: In order to utilize Method #1 outlined below, Mailerlite requires that the BriteVerify app is authenticated. BriteVerify will prompt you with the following dialog when it needs access. Enter your API key (listed under Developer API in integrations) and the verification will proceed. You only need to do this once. 




Once you're logged into BriteVerify, click the blue Verify List button at the top right. A dropdown menu will offer a list of services you can import from.

Choose MAILERLITE. Then the list that you wish to verify.


Next you have the option of removing Risky emails, along with the invalids at this stage. Risky emails include Unknown and Accept_all category emails and are preferred to be removed as they can dilute a marketing campaign’s overall performance. Simply enable the radio button to remove the risky emails from your list.

Leave the Export Destination set to File

Simply click the Verify List button to begin the verification process. The list will be automatically updated in Mailerlite upon completion.

Once the list has been verified, you’ll be able to view a detailed report of how many emails were removed from the original list. Depending on the connection with Mailerlite, the list will be updated automatically on your Mailerlite account, however you do have the option to download your results if so desired.




Prior to importing your data into Mailerlite, simply verify it by following these steps: 

Save the new list as a .CSV or .TXT formatted file.

Upload the list to BriteVerify by clicking the blue Verify List button at the top right. A menu will offer a list locations you can import from.

Choose Computer and locate your list.

Once the list is uploaded and prepped, a price estimate is displayed based on the number of emails found in the list. 


Leave File as the Export Destination and simply click the Verify List button to begin the verification process. 

Once the list has been verified click View. You'll get a detailed view of the results and the download options will be available next to the results card. 


From the Total Emails card, download the Valid emails only and import them into your Mailerlite account. Here is a link with instructions on the Mailerlite subscriber import process:

You can also take a look at MailerLite's blog post on 2018's email marketing trends where BriteVerify Director of Product, Rozina Hussain offers insight to what the year has in store for the world of email.  

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