As an email marketer you know how important it is to start with clean data. With BriteVerify, you can clean up your list in just minutes prior to importing it into Active Campaign. Let's take a look at how it's done.

Step 1:

You will need to have your email list saved as either a .CSV or .TXT File file. Please refer to this resource to prep your list for verification.

Upload the list to BriteVerify by clicking the blue Verify List button at the top right. Choose My Computer and locate the list.

Once the list is uploaded and prepped, a price estimate is displayed based on the number of emails found in the selected list. 

Leave File as the Export Destination and simply click the Verify List button to begin the verification process. 

Step 2:

Once the list has been verified click View Details. You'll get a detailed view of the results and various download options will be available. 

From the Total Emails panel, download the Valid emails only to you computer.

Step 3:

Import your Valid list of emails into your Active Campaign account. 

Here is a quick resource on the Active Campaign list import process. That's it, you're on your way to a clean list on Active Campaign!

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