Follow the steps below to set up email verification in all of your Justuno promotions. An account with BriteVerify is required, click here to begin the registration process.

Step 1

Once logged into your BriteVerify account and click into the Real-Time API menu. Copy the **Private API key** and go back to Justuno.

Step 2

In your promotions area, click Edit. 

Step 3

Find the BriteVerify integration and hit Connect. Paste your BriteVerify API key.

Step 4

Enter an invalid email message, we suggest something like the following:

 "This email is invalid, please enter a valid email address."

Step 5

Choose which types of emails you would like to confirm. We recommend that you allow Valid, Accept All and Unknown email statuses while blocking the Invalid emails. 

Lastly hit save to allow BriteVerify real-time verification on your promotion!

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