The BriteVerify real-time API is a very simple call & response system. You send us contact data and we return the verified status. It just simply works and that simplicity allows our clients to customize and build a process that suits a wide variety of use-cases.

We do have some best-practice suggestions for you and your developer to consider with the implementation.

1. Set your form to allow Valid status emails as well as Accept All and Unknown

While Accept All and Unknown results do carry risk, most of our clients will allow those statuses to pass in order to minimize interruption to the user flow. Much of the risk associated with these addresses is due to age. Since you're collecting the info in real-time, people are presumably using their current email address therefore the risk is lessened, but still present. Read more about Accept All and Unknown here.

2. Do block Role and Disposable addresses in addition to the Invalid ones.

Disposable email addresses are temporary. While they may be Valid at the time of verification, they will self destruct and become invalid (for example, within 10 minutes after creation). Most ESP's automatically suppress these addresses outright. More information about role & disposable addresses can be found in our status key.

3. We can offer assistance with technical issues but not with integration.

Our customers typically have a developer on hand or hire a developer to help integrate BriteVerify API onto their web forms. If you/your developer have any specific questions or problems, please let us know and we'll be happy to help.

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