Who is this product available to? 

Validity Verify is available to all annual subscription Validity BriteVerify customers and all Validity Connect customers.  


How does Validity Verify work in Salesforce? 

The Validity Verify lightning component verifies a lead or contact’s email address through BriteVerify email verification and displays the verification status on the page. 


Is Validity Verify available in Salesforce classic? 

Validity Verify is only available in Lightning at this time. For email verification in Salesforce Classic please learn more about our EmailConnect module in DemandTools. 


Will Validity Verify validate the email address of leads imported from another system? 

Yes, leads imported into Salesforce with the standard email field populated will be verified and given an email address verification status as soon as a user opens the lead in Salesforce.  


Does Validity have a bulk verification offering for Salesforce? 

Bulk Salesforce email address verification is not available through Validity Verify currently. Validity offers a bulk email verification solution through the EmailConnect module of DemandTools (for Validity Connect customers only). 


Does Validity Verify support custom objects? 

Currently, Validity Verify only supports the standard email field for leads and contacts. 


Can I use Validity Verify to view overall email status in Salesforce? 

Validity Verify only supports a user interface integration designed to let front-line users know the status of the email address and focuses on optimizing a record by record view. 

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