Validity BriteVerify Bulk Verification API is a simple, RESTful web service that developers can access via the back-end API key, the same way they would access our Real-Time Email API. It also allows for viewing the file status and results for files submitted.

Creating a New Bulk List Job

To submit email addresses to us for verification, send a POST request with your API key as a parameter and your data in the POST body like this:


Post Body:

POST Body:

{ "name": "name-of-file-to-export.csv", "emails": ["",”"] }


Content-Type: application/json

The API will respond with your verification job information:

{ "id": 1649, 
"name": " name-of-file-to-export.csv ",  
"status": "pending",
"total_verified": 0,
"percent_complete": 0 }

List Job Status

Not Completed Jobs

Once you have the job’s data, you can then poll the API for your job’s status by issuing a GET<your-api-key>

You’ll get back the up-to-date status of your job:

{ "id": 1649, 
"name": "name-of-file-to-export.csv",
"status": "verifying",
"total_verified": 89252,
"percent_complete": 72 }

Finished List Jobs

After the job completes:


(specifying CSV as the format will produce a csv file download, see Response Formats)

"id": 36,
"name": " name-of-file-to-export.csv ",
"status": "complete",
"total_verified": 5,
"percent_complete": 100,
"results": [{"email": "",
"email_status": "unknown",
"secondary_status": null},
{"email": "",
"email_status": "invalid",
"secondary_status": "email_account_invalid"}]

Viewing All List Jobs

To see a list of all your Bulk API jobs, you can send a GET request like the one above. 


You can optionally filter the results to show only jobs matching a specific status by adding an optional parameter: 


Available statuses you can use to sort by are:

  • processing
  • uploading
  • pending
  • prepped
  • loading
  • verifying
  • exporting
  • complete
  • deleted

The API will respond with an array of the jobs:

"id": 18,
"name": "5.csv",
"total_verified": 1,
"status": "complete"
"id": 19,
 "name": "5.csv",
"total_verified": 1,
"status": "complete"
{ "id": 20,
 "name": "5.csv",
"total_verified": 1,
"status": "complete"

Delete a List Job

To do a soft delete of a job (marked as deleted, job meta-data persists). 


The API will respond with success/failure of the delete:

{"message": "Action completed successfully" }

Response Formats

Our Bulk API can respond with the following formats:

  • JSON (application/json)
  • CSV (application/csv) **

To request a specific format, add the parameter to your request URL (json in this example):


*Please note that the format CSV will return a downloadable .csv file. If you need a text-based response, we recommend JSON.

**CSV is only supported as file download for finished jobs. Other endpoints will default to JSON if CSV is called for.

Account Minimums & Maximums

  • Because this API is meant for processing large batches of data for verification, it has a minimum job size of 10,000 records and a maximum size of 1,000,000 records per job for CSV format.
  • For JSON response formats, a minimum job size of 10,000 records and a maximum size of 100,000 records per job is acceptable.  
  • Each account allows for upto 10 simultaneously processing Bulk API jobs
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