One of your most valuable assets is the personal data of your customers and subscribers—names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more. To help keep that data secure and preserve trust in your brand, we limit how long we retain your verified lists.  

How long do I have to download my records? 

We house your records for 7 days from the moment they’re ready for download.  

After your records expire, you can still access your detailed results for each verified list, minus the records themselves, under "My Lists". This keeps your aggregated data close at hand for analytics, but personally identifiable information is no longer available. 

Can I have an extension to the expiration window?

Each list has a default expiration associated with it at the time of verification that can not be extended. If the list is already expired, the best course of action is to re-verify the list again.

Do I need to do anything different?

No additional workflows are needed on your side. For your benefit, we automatically clear your data from our database after 7 days. 

Can I download multiple files with a single request?

Each list is identified and verified separately with its respective download options that can not be merged into one request. Which is why only one list can be downloaded at a time.

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