Validity BriteVerify's RESTful webservice APIs are designed to cater to single-verification requests as well as bulk verification requests. Our verification APIs support global email addresses at point of capture or for existing datasets.
To ensure the most accurate results and efficient utilization, it's important to know which API should be used and the respective limits of both before getting started.

Real-time Email Verification API: The single-verification API is ideal for integrating point-of-capture data verification into your own applications. This transactional email verification API should be used in response to an action, like a form submission or button click. It should NOT be used for verifying emails in an existing list or database one-by-one. So for that purpose, you may utilize the Bulk API.

Bulk Email Verification API: The bulk endpoint provides high-speed verification for a list of email addresses. You can also use the endpoint to poll current status for an existing list job. Once the list job has completed, the results can be downloaded in CSV format.  

Bulk API should be used to verify databases or lists of several email addresses. You should submit all the data you have for verification in a single list job rather than multiple list jobs. It is better to submit a single list job of 10k records or more. The maximum volume is 1 million records per list job.
If you're collecting data from external sources like a CRM or MAP for verification, you should buffer the data locally and submit it as a single job rather than submitting each chunk of data separately. Do NOT create more than 10 concurrent list jobs for processing. Sending too many small jobs in a short amount of time can result in your account being disabled.  


This page describes how to authenticate with BriteVerify APIs. All requests must be authenticated using the account specific back-end key. 

To view your back-end key, log in to your account and go to the API Keys tab. 


API keys are sensitive and give access to the data in your account as well as access to verify data. Only trusted sources should be given access to these keys to protect your account. If you suspect your key is compromised, contact our support team immediately for assistance. 

Status Key 

Understand your results by reviewing Email status key. This allows you to make actionable decisions based on the valuable results provided by BriteVerify. 

API Usage 

Each of your API request is reported in the Dashboard under the dropdown options. To see your usage, login to your account and click on the Usage tab. All reporting is available in customizable date range based on UTC.

API Credit Utilization 

Validity BriteVerify will utilize a credit for each email verification request.

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