In order to verify your file with BriteVerify, you will need to have your email list saved as either a CSV or TXT File file. You may have other identifying information in your file like name, phone, address, etc. Simply ensure that all email addresses are in the same column and you don't have any duplicate emails in your list.

At this point, even if you have already saved your file as a .csv, we strongly recommend opening the file in Excel and re-exporting as a .csv to make sure that it is done correctly.

NOTE: Renaming the file's extension to ".csv" will not actually do anything, you must actually export from Excel as a csv file to change the file type. 

Once your file is open in Excel, go to FILE > SAVE AS to bring up the "Save As".

Select "Comma Separated Values(.CSV)" from the Format drop-down menu and save your file.

Note: Following warning message may appear as you save your file. This will not affect your file in any way. Simply press "Continue" and you should be able to verify this new properly formatted data file using our app.

Here's a quick video guide on the process.

If for any reason your file is not imported after following these steps, please feel free to reach out for further assistance. Thank you

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