Primary Email Statuses


The email has a valid account associated with it.  SAFE TO  MAIL


The email address is invalid. See the Secondary Statuses section below for more details.  DO NOT MAIL.


Accept-All emails are when a server is set to receive all emails at a specific domain, meaning these domains accept any email you send to them at first. So it appears as if all of the emails are Valid at that domain, but the company actually has a firewall or another spam tool that may remove the email message or send a bounce message at a later time. Since it’s possible there will be some bounces from the Accept-All category, please consider the following before mailing:

  • If your ESP’s bounce threshold is 5% or less: DO NOT MAIL.
  • If your ESP has given you a dedicated IP:  MAIL SLOWLY.


The email address looks good but the associated domain is not responding. This could be a temporary status for domains having intermittent issues or a permanent issue for dying domains. There will be some bounces from the Unknown category so consider the following before mailing:

  • If your ESP’s bounce threshold is 5% or less: DO NOT MAIL.
  • If your ESP has given you a dedicated IP: MAIL SLOWLY.


Secondary Email Statuses

The following secondary status codes may be populated in the secondary_status column of your file.

  • email_address_invalid
  • email_domain_invalid
  • email_account_invalid
  • disposable
  • role_address



The email address format is incorrect. For example, james0uwerwe#com is not in the correct email format of Many of these can be prevented by applying simple regular expression to data prior to verification.



The email address is associated with a domain that doesn't exist. For example, is not a real domain capable of sending and receiving email. So is an invalid email since it pertains to a domain that does not exists.



The email account (the inbox) does not exist at the given domain. For example, results in a secondary status of email_account_invalid.



Email address is disposable and the Inbox will self-destruct. Disposable addresses are created to be Valid only temporarily so their owners can sign up for promotions or services without using a primary address. Disposable addresses will not perform and typically just take up space in your database.    DO NOT MAIL.


Email address was created to message a function like sales@, support@, or postmaster@. While many Role Addresses are Valid, they typically underperform compared to addresses that message individuals. Unless you’re marketing to small businesses, Role addresses will often dilute the performance of your marketing program.    MAIL AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Risky Emails

Emails with a status of either Unknown or Accept All are considered "Risky". To be on the safe side it is best not to include them in your email marketing campaigns. You can read more about the Risky category here.


Phone Verification Statuses

  • blank_phone_number: The phone number field is blank. This could be due to improper file formatting.
  • invalid_format: The formatting for the phone number is incorrect. Most likely it has too many or too few digits. 
  • multiple_match: Two or more possible area codes are available as a fix and their distance is too close to choose one over the other.
  • invalid_prefix: We cannot verify the phone prefix or first 7 digits. 
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