Thank you for your interest in BriteVerify. Because we take a strong stance on data security and fraud prevention we are careful to protect ourselves and our clients. We do this from the beginning of our relationship with you by confirming the identity of every user that creates an account.

Start the registration process at using your name and business email address.

Next you will have the option to authenticate your identity with the help of a live BriteVerify representative who will guide you through the authentication process. If  a live representative is not available, leave us a message with your business website, phone number and your direct business email address. 

IMPORTANT: This business email address cannot be associated with:

  1.  a free email account like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. 
  2.  a role address like info@, support@, sales@, etc.

When we return, a BriteVerify representative will send a confirmation email to you for account authentication.

After we confirm your account you can proceed to the next page where you will enter payment information. Once you enter a valid credit card number the account will be active and you will have full access to our platform.

If you require any further assistance, leave us a detailed message and a BriteVerify Rep will be happy to assist.

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