Our verification system is designed to be highly versatile and is capable of processing email lists no matter how you or the other 40,000+ BriteVerify users arrange them. However, there are a few things we do require in order for our system to accept and process the file properly. 

This article focuses on the data structure in your spreadsheet. For more info on how to save your file as a CSV, please see Saving your file as a CSV.

Rule #1: All email addresses must be in the same column. BriteVerify will search your file and process the first column it finds containing an email. If all of the emails are in column B but there was a single email hiding in column A then you will probably find your cost estimate very pleasing but the results will be very disappointing.

Rule #2: No more than 100 columns of data. We can process your file with data fields other than email. Name, Company, ID number, Address, Phone Number, etc., are all acceptable. Just no more than 100 columns please.

Rule #3: Maximum of 1 million emails per file. You can load up to 1mm records per file using BriteVerify’s self-service tools.  If your file exceeds 1mm records please split the records into multiple files.

Rule #4: Remove duplicates. All emails will be verified independently. We recommend you remove any duplicates you do not want prior to verification, to avoid incurring any extra fees. Since the email address may be associated with other data in your file, and we have no way of knowing which entry is the duplicate and which one you would want to keep, we do not remove these duplicate records during our process.

Other things to watch out for. 

  • Stray quotation marks, extra spaces, or line breaks in the file may cause the verification to fail or take significantly longer to process. 
  • Other characters (such as quotations) surrounding the email will prevent our system from recognizing it. "superhero@briteverify.com" vs. superhero@briteverify.com.
  • One email per cell. Sounds obvious but it happens. 

Thank you.

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