Every new BriteVerify account starts out empty, but not for long. Our Drag and Drop app feature can help you quickly upload your list(s) for verification. We support all modern browsers for list uploads. While uploading your file, there may be a slight delay depending on your file size however if you find that your file has stalled or is not progressing past “0”, please update your current browser to the latest version or switch to any of the other recommended browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox. 

If the BriteVerify app won't accept your file for processing, there are a few possible causes. You may receive one of the following error descriptions during import. Please find helpful tips to resolve them prior to re-importing the list again for processing. 


Illegal Quoting: This is the most common error and means that your list has been formatted improperly. This can usually be fixed by opening your list in Excel and identifying the line that contained the erroneous quote. Then please re-save the files as a CSV before uploading again for processing. 

Unquoted fields do not allow \r or \n: This error implies that the file is incorrectly formatted. This can usually be fixed by opening your list in Excel and removing the line that contained the error (line number is usually provided for your convenience). Then please re-save the file as a CSV before uploading again for processing. 

Unrecognized File Format: Even if the file has a CSV or TXT extension, it is quite possible it is not correctly formatted. At this point, we would recommend opening the file in Excel and re-exporting as a .CSV to make sure that it is done correctly. The system does not support of Excel (.xls), ACT!, .vcf (vCard), or other file types. 

Email Column Undetermined: We could not find any emails in your list. Either the list contained no emails, or the formatting was incorrect. 

Over 1mm Rows: Imports from CSV or TXT files have a maximum file size of 120 MB or about a million emails. You can either split your full list into a series of smaller lists for smaller imports, or contact us at BriteVerify and we will verify this list for you at no additional charge. If you do split into smaller lists, we recommend processing them one at a time for optimum processing time.

If the file failed to process due to any of these issues, there would not be any charges incurred. Should you need to clarify anything or need assistance in prepping your file, please feel to contact our helpful support team.   

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