We do offer phone validation in the US, and it is available through our API as well. The cost associated with phone verification will be the same rate as your email verification. 

While we don't verify if the entire phone number is a real number, we use the North American Numbering Plan Administration (http://www.nanpa.com/) to confirm that the area code and prefix are matching and assigned to a carrier. Since they update this information on a quarterly basis, inherently there maybe a small margin of error.

You may verify phone and email records in the same file or you can process them individually. The process is the same, however there are a few considerations:

#1: All phone numbers must be in the same column. BriteVerify will search your file and process the first column it finds containing a phone field. This is irrespective of column titles. Therefore it is best to have a single column containing phone numbers in the list.

#2: Acceptable phone formats. Since we verify US phone numbers only, acceptable formats include the following:

  • 10-digit: (XXX)NXX-XXXX
  • 10-digit: (XXX)NXXXXXX
  • 10-digit: XXX-NXX-XXXX
  • 10-digit: XXXNXXXXXX
  • 11-digit: 1-XXX-NXX-XXXX (1 is the NANP trunk prefix for long distance circuits).
  • 11-digit: 1XXXNXXXXXX
  • 11-digit: (1XXX)NXX-XXXX

#3: Maximum of 1 million emails per file. You can load up to 1mm records per file using BriteVerify’s self-service tools.  If your file exceeds 1mm records please split the records into multiple files or send a message to files@briteverify.com and our professional services team will assist with the file.

Other things to watch out for. 

  • Stray quotation marks or extra spaces in the file may cause the verification to fail or take significantly longer to process. 
  • No more than 100 columns of data should be included in the file. We recommend a single column containing same format Phone number if there are other data fields like Name, Address, ID, etc included in the list.
  • One phone number per field. Sounds obvious but it happens.

Make sure your file is saved as a CSV or TXT format.
Instructions for saving your file to the correct format

Once the file is ready you can click the Verify List button to get started. Thank you.
Instructions for verifying a phone list

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