In the menu to the left, navigate to the List section. 

Next, click the blue "Verify List" button in the top right corner. In the following menu you will choose the location of the list you want to verify. 

My Computer: Under the Verify List menu, this will launch the file picker, giving you various import options such as uploading from a desktop folder or other locations on your computer.


Once the list is imported, it is scanned to determine the number of records to verify. This is a short process that can take longer depending on the amount of records in your list. 

When the file is prepped you will be shown the total amount of records and a cost estimate. If your list contains phone numbers then the option to verify them will be available. The choice to verify phone numbers is NOT selected by default, indicated by the grayed-out box. To include phone numbers in the verification you will need to click the box. The total cost estimate will update. 

Leave the Export to option set to the default selection of File.

Click the "Verify List" button to begin.

IMPORTANT: You will be billed as soon as you click "Verify List" 

You can also choose to cancel the verification. You will not be billed for this, as there have been no verifications. The list will remained prepped and available for verification unless you delete it.


Below are a list of common import errors and how to deal with them:

  • Illegal Quote: This is the most common error and means that your list has been formatted improperly. This can usually be fixed by opening your list in Excel and re-saving it as a CSV (even if it already is in CSV format).
  • Over 1mm Rows: If the list exceeds 1mm, you may spilt your full list into a series of smaller lists for verification. 
  • Email Column Undetermined: We could not find any emails in your list. Either the list contained no emails, or the formatting was incorrect. 


After the verification has been authorized, your list will begin loading and the verification process will start. Loading time is dependent on the size of your list.

Once the list has loaded, the verification process will begin


Once verification is complete, you can see the detailed results by clicking the View Details button. On this screen you will be presented with the detail panels. If both email addresses and phone numbers were verified then they will both be displayed. Phone is at the bottom and will look like this. The download options are on the right. 


     Red: Invalid Phone Numbers
     Green: Valid Phone Numbers
     Yellow: Unknown Phone Numbers

     Light Blue: Mobile Phones
     Yellow: Land Line (POTS)
     Light Green: Digital

     Light Blue: Business
     Yellow: Small Office
     Light Green: Residential


Once you have downloaded any of the results files, you will see something similar to the image below. All of the original columns of data will remain and some new columns will be included at the end of the file where you will find the primary and secondary status results for each email address as well as the phone verification results.


The phone verification results show three different data sets: Phone Status, Phone Type and Phone Location. The phone status results are divided into Valid (green), Unknown (yellow) and Invalid (red). The Unknown status is tied to a valid phone number however recent connectivity is undetermined. 

Out of the valid results, we then look at the different Phone Types that were found and list them below. These are divided into Mobile (blue), Land Line (yellow), and Digital (green)   


  • blank_phone_number: The phone number field is blank. This could be due to improper file formatting.
  • invalid_format: The formatting for the phone number is incorrect. Most likely it has too many or too few digits. 
  • multiple_match: Two or more possible area codes are available as a fix and their distance is too close to choose one over the other.
  • invalid_prefix: We cannot verify the phone prefix or first 7 digits. 


You can delete your list by clicking the grey button on the upper right side of the File Details screen.

Important: Once a list is deleted you are no longer able to view or download the results unless that list is re-verified. We do not store your files or keep a backup. Do not delete your list unless you are absolutely sure you have downloaded the results.

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